Dakota & Grace

~ 3/23/2024 ~

Celebrate with us!

We've put this website together to give you any information you'll need regarding our wedding day. We simply cannot wait to not only get married, but to share it with you.


The Dress Code

The dress code for our wedding is formal attire. If you're curious what exactly that means, check out this link: What Wedding Dress Codes Mean for Guests (theknot.com)

If you don't have anything in your closet that fits the bill, don't freak out or feel pressured to break the bank on our account. We'd be happy to see you if you showed up in a potato sack. Seriously.

The Food

With our ceremony beginning at 6pm, we will not be serving a full supper. However, we will have pie, a dip bar, several other snacks, and an assortment of beverages. We will have gluten and dairy free options available. We recommend you eat before you come, but still be sure to have an appetite!


We have chosen to do our ceremony and reception at the same venue. Kids, as well as any significant others that you've been with for an extended period of time are more than welcome!
Parents, we will be providing childcare at the venue in case you'd like to hit the dance floor without worrying that your kids are somewhere breaking things.
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Yes, I will be in attendance for the both the ceremony and receoption.
I will be in attendance for the ceremony, but will not be able to stick around for the reception.
No, I am unable to attend either the ceremony or reception.
Please list your plus ones and other guests. For guests who have a significant other that they've been with for an extended period of time, feel free to list them as your plus one. Additionally, please list any kiddos you'll be bringing along, as they are more than welcome: Submit

getting to the wedding

The ceremony will begin at 6:00pm on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024.
Both the ceremony and reception will be held at the Great Overland Station in Topeka, Kansas.

200 NW Railroad St, Topeka, KS 66608

Ceremony: 6:00pm 

Wedding registry

We are registered at theknot.com. Click the button below to view our registry!

We are very grateful for all our dear friends who we know will make our day so special. Please know that even if you just bring your presence, that is more than enough of a gift for us.


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